Thursday, November 20, 2008

How a Cricut changed my life

I had seen the infomercials and the die cutting machine on display at Michaels, but I never knew what a wonderful invention this was until I actually used one. Then I suddenly knew what all the fuss was about!! This machine is the holy grail of scrapbooking. It cuts letters and shapes in multiple sizes. No more worrying if you have enough alphabets stickers to make your title. No more worrying about if your flower punch is the right size for what you need. Now I can cut a flower in any size from 1/4inch to 12 inches (I have the Expression). And this is just talking about the practical useable aspects of the machine. I have yet to talk about the Message Board that has overtaken my life! From spending hours just reading everything to being part of the swaps. Now every free moment is spent in my craft room either talking about my Cricut Expression or playing with it. I have found so much inspiration and my scrapbooking hobby that was getting forgotten has now been revived.

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